The Story of Lane 33 1/2


My brand of design is inspired by and named for my first home. Lane 33 ½ is a simple dirt road, on the outskirts of a small town, set in the wide-open plains of Wyoming. This was the backdrop for some of my earliest memories – our golden retriever running down desert hills, long stretches of silence in between occasional pickups passing in the distance, the breathtaking view of mountain-tops soaring up at the horizon.

I have set roots in many places since then, and with each of my family’s moves, I have had to choose carefully amongst my belongings, giving some away, and holding onto others. Sending and receiving packages became a treasured way to connect homes across distances. Now as an adult, I still send handmade gifts to far-flung loved ones as symbols of my support and affection.

My designs at Lane 33 ½ arise from these values of generosity and simple handmade beauty. Inspired by both global and ‘americana’ genres and using traditional crafting tools and materials – needle, thread, ink, and paper – a youthful and contemporary aesthetic emerges. My work is made to last, providing years of enjoyment in your home or presented to those you love most, in a comforting moment or joyous celebration.

I now live amidst the fields of Indiana with my husband and small puppy, Gideon. I draw, sew, and create in my small home studio.