Handmade Holidays

I would almost always choose to make a handmade decoration instead of buying something off the shelf. I just wanted to share a few things that I’m enjoying in this year’s collection.

One of the simplest “DIY” projects I did this year was a wreath for our front door. My husband Mark and I just gathered some items from the floral section of our local craft store and wired them together, but I love it. Especially because we did it together – crafting is not usually my husband’s jam.


Beyond the wreath, Mark and I like to stay away from too much traditional “red and green” and instead celebrate winter more broadly. I painted this canvas after being inspired by a similar design in last year’s West Elm catalogs. Just simple and geometric, but somehow reminds me of ice and cold. It sits by our fireplace. I also made these simple “trees” with a wintery fabric wrapped around cones.



We will be traveling to see family this Christmas, so we decided to go for a smaller tree at our place and keep things simple. I decorated with hand-sewn felt ornaments that give a nod to my love of Scandanavian design, quilting, and hand lettering. Check out my Sew Mama Sew giveaway today by going to my Instagram to win a set of five hand-stitched ornaments (open through Sunday Dec 13th)! I also am working on some other simple ornaments created with paint pens and Sharpies on clear plastic orbs. Hopefully some pictures to come soon on Instagram!



Since this is our first holiday season in the house we purchased this year, I decided it was time to make some stockings for our family. When I was younger, we would celebrate Christmas every year with my maternal grandmother, Eleanore. She was always someone who made things by hand, albeit in the “quick and dirty” fashion. She took a lot of pride in decorating stockings for every new member of the family by cutting Christmas tree shapes, slightly wonky candy canes, and lopsided stars out of felt and gluing them down. I tried to take this “tradition” in my own direction by making my own stockings from navy felt and decorating with our little “dog pack”. I’m the fox, Mark is the wolf, and I’m betting you can guess which one is Gideon, our boxer!


For this year, that is my holiday decor! Along with some pine boughs that make our house smell great and strings of little while Christmas lights everywhere (my favorite!)


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