Exploration in Red

So, this week I started what I plan to be a three-part series where I explore variations on red and white log cabin quilts. They will all be the size of wall hangings and I will machine-piece and hand-quilt them all.

Red Log Cabin 3

I wanted to do this because red and white can be so amazingly graphic and allows me to highlight the possibilities of simple variation in piecing and quilting within a very tightly specified set of parameters.

Red Log Cabin 2

Today’s slow stitching has been to start hand quilting my pieced top. The pattern (Baptist Fan or Sashiko, depending on what tradition you pull from!) is such a fun way to have an organic and round shape interplay with this highly regimented square Log Cabin. Looking forward to how the dynamic looks on the full top.

Red Log Cabin 1

5 thoughts on “Exploration in Red

  1. Deanna says:

    Love the very traditional look of red and white quilts along with the log cabin pattern. Your quilting will just make the finishing touch!!!

  2. Ooh red and white log cabin! I made one in October but didn’t get a chance to bring to show and tell. 😦 They are very nice and classic quilts!

    • mollyi says:

      Thanks, Darcie! It is actually the first of 3 I’m doing in a series. I’ll bring them in when I’ve done more piecing on the second two. I am trying to show a progression of getting more abstract/modern with them 🙂 I’d love to see yours at some point.

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